For firm, healthy skin and the optimal glow, micro-needling is the ultimate collagen induction therapy.
The needling procedure helps stimulate your skin’s healing process, therefore producing more collagen and elastin for that instant plumping effect.

What areas can micro-needling treat with maximum results?

Scars Stretch Marks Hair Restoration Hyperpigmentation Poor texture Dull Skin Fine lines & wrinkles Congested skin Blackheads Dehydrated skin Uneven skin tone

Suitable for: All skin types

The Science

Micro-needling is a minimally invasive procedure for your skin. The Derma Pro pen uses tiny needles to make micro channels in the top layer of your skin to allow deeper penetration.

How it works

The Derma Pro is a unique micro-needling pen that creates thousands of micro-channels in the skin to stimulate cell communication and renewal, providing rejuvenation. The Derma Pro utilises a powerful motor that fully retracts the needles before reinsertion, rather than relying on a spring mechanism, reducing trauma and providing optimal results.

What does the treatment involve?

Cleanse, tone and exfoliation

Full face Micro-needling

Medical grade sheet mask

Ice globe massage

Targeted LED therapy to speed up healing process

Aftercare cream

What is the down-time?

The skin will be pink/red directly after treatment so plan your treatment around social events.

Avoid touching your face after treatment to avoid infection

Avoid any retinol or perfumed products for 5 days post treatment.

Avoid heat, and sun exposure for 5 days post treatment.

Who is suitable for Micro-needling?

Most patients are suitable for micro-needling but if you have broken capillaries or acne active you won’t be a good candidate for micro-needling unfortunately.

If you are un-sure please book a consultation and we can advise you on the best treatments for your concerns.

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